Become T, Comb, or Pear shaped

I just read this chapter in the Coding Career Handbook. Maybe to touch on this in later chapters but I have a deep interest in learning about interactivity, animation, and design. Some of my heroes are Sarah Drasner and Chris Coyier. I would like to go deeper into this topic. What is the process that you would suggest someone go through to find out if there's a great interest in it? Obviously, there are courses on this topic but I wanted to have a process to evaluate the market in this area of my interest. Any insight would be helpful. I will continue to do my research. Your book is top-notch. It's such an inspiration and full of insight. One last thing, would you suggest a WordPress site to build a blog or would you suggest something like Medium start off?

Thoughts about illustrating with cartoons

I am in the stage to learn data structures & algorithms. I wanted to find visual metaphors so I can wrap my head around these ideas and at the same time help someone else. I wanted to do some speed drawing with some narration on top. 

I have done this before but in the area of leadership. Since these ideas aren't defined should I just start with static images with some text in a blog? Any thoughts would be appreciated.