Rene Hernandez

Software Engineer and DevOps

Shoutout to the Coding Career Handbook

I've been reading the handbook for a while, and I am enjoying it a lot.

My two biggest takeaways so far:
  • I was already familiar with many of the topics of the book, but having them in a single place I can reference is pretty handy and refreshing knowledge is always great.
  • The sheer amount of external links is amazing. That helps me to collect more information about areas I want to dive deeper.

Hi everyone

My name is Rene Hernandez and I am software developer with a focus on DevOps and SRE practices. My online home is at

I am originally from Cuba, but currently residing in Ottawa, Canada.

I have joined the community because I am looking to keeping progressing on my career and this looks like a great opportunity to meet and network with great people.

I found about this community through the bloggingfordevs community and  swyx  latest presentation. It was awesome!