Amelia Trav

Front End Developer
I'm a Front End Developer and STEM story teller. I love applying new technologies and sharing what I've been learning.
What are people's favourite Hashtags for Learning in Public, predominantly on Twitter and Instagram?
I'm a FE Developer, so I'm thinking more about CSS, Accessibility, JS and JS Frameworks. But I'd be keen to know where people go to learn from others and to share your learnings. 
maybe a hot take but i actually dont like hashtags that much unless using ironically 😂 they just look like you are fishing for #engagement, at least on twitter. i do use #LearnInPublic, but honestly dont think it provides that much value at least for my style of twitter usage
Amelia Trav replied
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Hi all,

I'm Amelia, a self taught Junior Dev with a bit of a mixed career thats included being a Park Ranger and Arctic Science, I'm also a trained teacher.
I really enjoy FE work, currently loving Storybook and Gatsby, but I'll be checking out Svelte for my next project.
My main side project is Avid Research, an Australian STEM career podcast where I interview people about their careers and stories. It's been very heavy on the Sciences and I'm hoping to get a higher representation of Tech in 2021.
Site is built in Gatsby, deployed on Amplify and the site generates and hosts the RSS feed for the podcast.

This whole Learning in Public thing is a pretty cool concept, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it. At this stage it'll mostly be on Twitter but I'll also be trying out some animations on YouTube

Always up for collaboration to tell tech stories and practice tech communication!
welcome Amelia! really enjoyed chatting with you and i love how you're using your skills to elevate STEM (particularly Australian STEM, haha). Happy to help you on any Svelte stuff you may need, of course its a less mature ecosystem than React but I do find it quite enjoyable.

Looking fwd to collab in future!