Lead Software Engineer @ Forem
Hi! I'm Nick Taylor. I am a Lead Software Engineer with a focus on the front-end at Forem, the software that powers
I work in open source, so I guess I'm learning in public in that regard by default.

However, I've incorporated some other learning in public to my job. I started streaming in April, initially just me talking to myself and the screen doing my actual work, not side projects, and then I thought it'd be fun to start pairing with some community members from DEV on issues in the repository. I did that for a bit and then I was able to make this part of my job where I get to pair with folks in the community.

Aside from that I blog usually one or every two weeks. I don't think I could blog daily honestly. I don't think it would provide any value for myself or the community, so I do it when I think it makes sense.