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First Iteration of my EmberFest Talk

In my EmberFest talk, I'm planning to act like a historian and dive through the history of Ember.

The problem here is that I'm covering:  OOP principles, Singletons, Dependency Injection, MVC, Push-Based Reactivity and Pull-Based Reactivity to communicate the design patterns of Ember.

There's been several major rewrites of Ember and it makes it super confusing when you're working with an Ember codebase that uses a mixture of all these patterns.

Slides:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CE0N6tRe1r6eZ_vHbFF8zfHHT5n8gMyIMB3lkuNVfEo/edit?usp=sharing

Hoping to rework this pretty significantly before my talk next week. Any and all feedback is welcome.

The video can be played up to 2X speed and is transcribed with closed captioning.

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CFP was accepted, thanks Shawn!

Hey everyone, 1 month ago I posted a **rough** draft for a CFP for EmberFest (the second biggest conference for Ember).

Shawn provided me a few rounds of review on my first CFP.

In the book, Shawn mentions to submit multiple CFPs to maximize your odds.

That first CFP "Shortening the Ember Learning Curve" was rejected.

The second CFP "Understanding Ember with Design Patterns" (same doc just scroll lower) was accepted. 

Now, I have less than 30 days to create 30 minutes of material while I launch a huge feature to be released before HashiConf (my company's conference). Will keep everyone posted on the progress.
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CFP for EmberFest

Hey, y'all!

Just read the CFP chapter of the book. A mentor (and predecessor on my current team) recommended that I try to speak at EmberFest.

I'm the only frontend dev inheriting 65K lines of Ember code (I've never written in Ember). Learning Ember has a steep learning curve and I'm developing a set of mental models to shorten that curve.

Would love some feedback on my CFP.

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