Hassan El Mghari

Founder, UltraShock Gaming
Founder of UltraShock Gaming, software developer, & CS student.

A Netflix guide to microservices (2017)

Hands down the best talk I've seen on microservices, their benefits & challenges, and how to build + scale large distributed systems.

Josh Evans draws on his 17 years of engineering experience at Netflix, from the big monolithic app in a data center it was in 2000 (back when Netflix was sending out DVDs) to now, an incredibly complex system based on microservices and running on AWS.

( feel free to take this out if it doesn't meet your standards. I'm by no means experienced w/ microservices or distributed systems)

My learning in public notebook

Decided to kick this learn in public thing up a notch and release a public website of my on-going notes. Let me know your thoughts!

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Freelancing for developers

Hi all! I made a curated list of the best resources and people to follow to get started with freelancing, specifically for developers.

I've spent the last few months diving deep into freelancing by reading/watching lots of books, articles, & videos. Some were good and some weren't very good, so I wanted to handpick a few so any developer can get started with the best resources and become a great freelancer.

Check it out if you're interested, would love any feedback/suggestions.

cc:  Monica Lent , thank you for the domain name idea, took inspiration from blogging for devs 😅


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Hi everyone! 👋

Hey all! My name is Hassan & I'm a founder and final year CE student in Philadelphia. I ran and sold a game marketing startup recently and am now transitioning to software development. Swyx's book and learning in public have had a huge impact on me in the past 4 months and led to me:

- Making a twitter thread full of my takeaways from this book
- Reading more books in 4 months than I have in the past few years combined (partially due to more accountability from LIP)
- Starting to tweet more and sharing insights from books / articles I've read such as the Standout Developer & Start Freelancing today
- Starting a blog

Been on the coding career discord for a few months and I'm incredibly excited to continue to be part of this wonderful community.

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Philadelphia Meetup (early 2021?)

Hey all! I'm trying to do a local meetup in Philly when it's more safe to do so, if you're interested please shoot me a message or comment below!

I'll notify everyone once we set a date