Hassan El Mghari

Developer, elmghari.com
Software engineer, founder of UltraShock Gaming, CS student, and /r/reactjs mod.
Hey all! My name is Hassan & I'm a founder and final year CE student in Philadelphia. I ran and sold a game marketing startup recently and am now transitioning to software development. Swyx's book and learning in public have had a huge impact on me in the past 4 months and led to me:

- Making a twitter thread full of my takeaways from this book
- Reading more books in 4 months than I have in the past few years combined (partially due to more accountability from LIP)
- Starting to tweet more and sharing insights from books / articles I've read such as the Standout Developer & Start Freelancing today
- Starting a blog

Been on the coding career discord for a few months and I'm incredibly excited to continue to be part of this wonderful community.

Hi Hassan,
Congratulations on selling your startup! It's cool to see you write about and document that journey. I lived a year in Philadelphia a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun!
Hey all! I'm trying to do a local meetup in Philly when it's more safe to do so, if you're interested please shoot me a message or comment below!

I'll notify everyone once we set a date