JS developer
Fullstack Javascript developer, father, career switcher (from humanistic-linguistic-journalistic ways)
 Tia  that's great! I can just add to be open and honest, and with a good approach (and of course, some tech skills 😄) you'll manage great!
 swyx  thanks! yeah, I basically found the first job in the middle of the pandemic and the I started with a new company just a month ago. 😄 As many people, I started to like more the backend than the frontend...and the roles I have shifted more and more towards the FE. In my actual project I just develop in React 😄 
I hope to publish the third one during the week!
 Sonja Parsell  thank you for checking it out, I still wonder myself how the heck I did all that 😄 
And hanks for the suggestion! I will format better the first article. Now that I see it, it's a little crowded and packed. It will definitely benefit from more subheadings!